Monday, June 8, 2009

The emergence of Innovation Community Management™

Interesting how the Harvard Business Rewiew is presenting the impact of Twitter on Radical Innovation.
Also interesting to see the way the Innovation issue is being raised in some magazines lately (in Time or Telerama).

Nevertheless, i believe Twitter and to a wider extent Social Media is just one piece of the Innovation game and challenge.
Actually at bluenove, we call it Innovation Community Management™ considering that :

1) the entreprise innovation ecosystem includes both external and internal Communities where innovation can be generated from: including Customers, Suppliers, Startups, experts networks, Universities & Labs, and employees

2) Expertise and know-how in the 4 following areas are then necessary to develop and implement a successful Innovation Commmunity Management™:
> Social Media management (including Twitter)
> Community Management know-how and solutions (Entreprise 2.0 software & online event and communication applications and tools)
> Idea Process Management, methodology and software solutions such as BrightIdea or I-Nova
> Open Innovation : Intellectual Property and Partnership Management

For further information about Innovation Community Management™ and check the Slideshare presentation herebelow:

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