Saturday, September 29, 2007

France Telecom launches 'Orange Vallee'

Jean-Louis Constanza (Orange Vallée) : "Chez Orange, je suis un patron de start-up qui dispose de la puissance d'un groupe"

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Orange team contribution to Soundtribes

Did you ever wonder what was the missing link between Claude Francois, a friday afternoon at the office, Sex Pistols and a 1m90 Wolf, we have an answer and it has been recorded !
Here is the coolest Orange team contribution to our dear service !!

Special messages to members from my team:

- Thomas: what were you doing in my office with these sunglasses on ?

- Aida : i will definitely do it your way next time i ask you to prepare a contract !

- Gwen: simply a revelation !

They even talked about it this morning on France 2 TV, are you guys stars or what ?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

City 2.0

I participated last week in the first of a series of workshops 'Ville 2.0' coordinated by the FING to understand and imagine the transformations of a city (Paris in this case) through new and innovative services based on 2.0 and mobility trends.
Beyond the complexity of the roles and responsibilities to be shared and played by the different public bodies (transportation, city council, etc.), the infrastructure and services suppliers such as JC Decaux or Orange, start-up companies have obviously a key role to play in contributing both to the development of the necessary ecosystems and the launch of the many required user experiments.
An initiative like Tellmewhere, 'The collaborative and reusable encyclopaedia of places', is a typical and good example. Tellmewhere has developed a map based UGC platform to allow users, I shall say the 'city users', to find and contribute any information about the city. Let's also mention the sucessfull Yelp service in the US as a new generation Yellow Pages service.
Another example is Peuplade focusing on neighborhood services which in a way also closes the loop from physical to virtual and virtual to physical, when people eventually end up meeting again locally after having connected over the global web.
Also the area of mobility, interactivity and proximity marketing are obviously key ones: I for instance contributed to experiment interactive windows with the start-up Kameleon two years ago to allow citizens to download content 24h a day with their bluetooth connected cell phones as they were passing by Orange window stores. Other examples are 'smart objects' based on NFC technology developed by Airtag or platforms such as FuturLink.
Not to mention the extreme simulations of our future behaviors and expectations in virtual worlds such as SecondLife (can't wait to fly in a 2.0 City!).
We would probably imagine the city of the future offering different value added services based on our personal expectations. We can expect them to be based on basic ones like seamless, reliable and continuous connectivity, access to all (as many as possible ?) data at all times for localized tourism, real estate or employment search but also on new behaviors such as one to one real time exchange of services where one could offer ones cooking skills in exchange for painting or sewing ones. Anyone interested in preparing my sushi dinner in exchange for some kitesurfing lessons on a 2.0 beach yet ?

Friday, September 21, 2007

World Alzheimer's Day - 21 September

In this special World day against the Alzheimer disease , i am glad i have contributed through the world premiere i launched with my team at Orange Mobile France 2 years ago with Medical Intelligence and PasteurMediavita when we developed the Columba bracelet .

Thursday, September 20, 2007

L'OSUP est sponsor des 4eme Rencontres des Start-Ups Europeennes des Telecoms et du Multimedia du 3 au 5 octobre

Le 'Orange Start-Up Program' est sponsor des
4ème Rencontres des Start-Ups Européennes des Télécoms et du Multimédia.
Les 3, 4 et 5 octobre 2007 à la Porte de Versailles.
J'y animerai une table ronde sur les relations entre les start-ups et les grands groupes et deux start-ups partenaires de l'OSUP - SongSong et Mob-It - presenteront leurs offres.
Une occasion exceptionnelle de rencontre et d’échange entre investisseurs, entrepreneurs et industriels focalisée sur la dynamique d’innovation et sur la croissance.
Vous trouverez le programme et la fiche d’inscription sur :
Inscription et programme

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fund raising strategy...EASY! ;-)

I know now how to raise funds from VCs...brilliant 'UGC' video ! ;-)
How to raise money from VCs...