Sunday, November 22, 2009

Great 10th Collection by Orange presented on nov.20, 2009

I really enjoyed the presentation of the 10th Collection by Orange last friday (Thanks again to Yves and Christophe!).
Great innovations on their way on the IPTV side, on the Web and on the mobile side:
> i have been especially impressed by the future Gamer experience with MMORPG/Virtual Worlds soon available on IPTV as well as the quality of the Full Web experience on TV in addition to TV Widgetized Orange services such as, or,
> the other way round with the new 'Video Party' Web TV ( including Orange exclusive contents and beyond;
> the RCS (Rich Communication Suite) based applications on mobile mixing Address Books and Social Networks,
> and also the clever 'People Projects' brand initiative and App on Facebook (

If you didn't have the priviledge to be invited, here is the video about the 10th Collection on Orange Innovation TV:

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