Sunday, May 31, 2009

'Can you "build" a community?' : what about Entreprise related ones ?

I do agree with Loic Le Meur's post about 'Can you "build" a community?' and about what it takes to grow a community from its native 'raison d'être'.
This does make a lot of sense when it is about a community that is not 'Enterprise' related. I would say it is indeed for the Community leader all about being GENUINE when communicating and socializing with others (i love this world in English, translation from 'AUTHENTIQUE' in French).
On the other hand, when it comes to 'Enterprise related communities', and especially aiming at stemming Innovation and good ideas from them, community categories such as Customers, Suppliers, External Experts, Universities and Labs, Startups, Developers or even Employees, i believe it does require some kind of support to give them a chance to happen and grow (as shown with our last initiative to support Internal Participative Innovation). The Community leader is then probably turning into an 'Innovation Community Manager'.
'Innovation Community Management'™ is then closer to a successful blend made of Social Media tools (twitter is one), Idea Management software and processes, community management tools (polls, feedbacks, CRM, etc.) and some understanding of the concepts of Open Innovation and its related issues such as Intellectual Property or Partnership Management.
But again in theory, i guess and agree that communities should appear and grow or die based on their natural and obvious 'raison d'être' either driven by a Super Customer, a leading Expert developer or an intra-preneur employee.

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