Sunday, November 2, 2008

Crisis is also an opportunity...both for startups and major corporations

Of course there are many reasons to think that this financial and economic crisis will affect startups in a very bad way.
But there might also be a set of positive ones for startups to travel through this recession.
I actually believe that beyond creating or developing a startup, it is rather INNOVATION that is something that is more than ever needed in times of crisis and recession in order to generate any growth or business optimization left to be obtained during the months and years to come. That is both true for startup companies and may be even more so for major corporations and brands.
And deeper is the crisis when internal resources are lacking and budgets shrinking, the more major corporations will have no other choice than managing innovation in an ‘open and collaborative’ new way, collaborating much more openly and efficiently internally and with their ecosystem and especially with innovative startups.
These major corporations and brands ('Together we can do more' says Orange) will therefore have to transform themselves into ‘Open & Collaborative Innovation’ champions with a stronger and clearer vision faster than what they would have done in a more ‘comfortable’ economy.
From a crisis to an opportunity ?

These transformation challenges and opportunities are the ‘raison d’etre’ of bluenove, ready to support both major corporations and startups

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Minter said...

those companies that can figure out crowdsourcing and open innovation are bound to get a leap forward... probably just because they have the mentality to experiment. I wrote about how the crisis will be a boon for the internet the other day: people have more than ever reason to be on the 'net (or any other mobile way of connecting to the 'net).