Tuesday, January 16, 2007

MIDEM 2007

Introducing the Orange "SMS Juke Box" (Orange Wifi Café) at the Midem Net 2007 in Cannes.
A new service which is being premiered at the Wifi Café Orange during Midem 2007. A playlist of songs is presented in a menu with a code for each one. All customers have to do is select a song and send the corresponding code by SMS. They then receive a message specifying the waiting time before the song is played... in the restaurant or cafe. Orange, in partnership with the start-up www.YCD.net is reinventing the jukebox, with a new mobile dimension.
Article in Music Info Hebdo : http://netft.francetelecom.fr/recurent/default/EN/all/rp/article0107/UPL6561_a_005/a_005.pdf

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Rhiannon Ridinghood said...

What a brilliant idea! I run a small label, Wolf Whistle Records and our artist, Ridinghood, has a track called SMS. I'm coming to Midem to look for a sync deal among other things and was keen to meet with Orange to discuss.

You can listen to it at www.ridinghoodmusic.com